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Sep 2021 Try2BFunded rules update announcement

Dear friends,

As you may recall, this summer we introduced a 15% maximum position size requirement at the funded stage. Over the past few months, this requirement has had a demonstrably positive impact on the results of the Try2BFunded program:

1. All participants who have diligently followed this rule regularly make a profit and withdraw it without having to repeatedly go through the qualifying stages after losing at the funded stage.

2. The number of participants who came to the program to make easy profits without using any risk management strategies has dropped significantly.

3. The number of participants who take trading seriously and consider it a career is steadily growing.

4. The company's losses have decreased, since the ratio of those participants who lost at the funded stage to those participants who regularly earn money changed from 5-to-1 to 1-to-4.

Because of these impressive results, we decided to introduce a similar requirement of the maximum position size at all stages, and not only on the funded one. As you know, at the funded stage, the maximum position size is 15% of the account size.

  • At the zero (demo) stage, we are introducing a requirement for a maximum position size of 50% of the account size.
  • In the first qualifying stage, we are introducing a maximum position size requirement of 30% of the account size.
  • In the second qualifying stage (classic version), we are introducing a requirement for a maximum position size of 20% of the account size.

The requirements will take effect on September 17th. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, and if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to the team at Try2BFunded.

We wish you good luck with your trading!

Yours sincerely,

Try2BFunded Team

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