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Using A Trading Simulator Will Change How You Trade For The Better

Once you’re in the thick of trading, it’s easy to view using a trade simulator as a waste of time. After all, why spend hours in a virtual stock market when you could be putting in time on your portfolio?

But no matter how experienced you are, there’s always room for growth. The problem with investing and learning is that it often impacts your earning. As the core of good learning is making mistakes. And when you make mistakes with your portfolio, you lose money.

A trade simulator, like the one here at Try2BFunded, lets you skip out on the losses while honing strategies that might normally seem risky. Using a trade simulator is straightforward. Build a mock portfolio, or mirror your own portfolio, and start trading. See which approaches are winners and build from there.

There are tons of good simulators out there which will accomplish exactly what you need. The benefit of using the Try2BFunded simulator, however, is that it can lead to you actually making money. By testing out the Try2BFunded simulator, you can advance to the first stage of Try2BFunded’s prop trading system.

Once you pass two stages, you get access to up to $100,000 to trade with without ever risking your own capital. That means you can take those new strategies from your simulation and put them into action without risk and take home 60% of the profits every two weeks.

And just like that you’ve turned simulation into two ways to make money.

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