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4 Ways To Kill Time On The Internet Productively

There are a million and one ways to waste time on the internet. I’ve explored just about every single one of them. And, sure, at first they’re fun, but after a while I started to feel a bit hollow. As if I had this amazing tool at my disposal and I wasn’t using it correctly.

I decided to dive deeper into what the internet really had to offer. I wanted to know if I was doing things correctly, so to speak. It turns out that I’d been missing out on making myself smarter, more employable and missing out on actually making money.

1) Make Money

There are ways on the internet to “make money” and there are ways on the internet to actually make money. The former is a good way to lose money, the latter, if you’re smart, is a great way to actually earn something.

The best way to potentially earn actual money is to sign up with Try2BFunded. How it works is straightforward: by proving that you can trade well enough to access Try2BFunded's bank. After 6 weeks of passing their qualifying round, you got access to $100,000. And 60% of the profits are all yours.

If you don’t know jack about the stock market, don’t worry. Many newcomers don’t either. The best part of Try2BFunded is that you learn as you go. Sometimes it can feel as if you’re getting paid to educate yourself.

2) Learn Something

Dozens of esteemed universities have full lessons, lectures, courses and more on their websites. So what’s your excuse? Here’s your opportunity to make up for that education you missed out on because you were having too much fun in college.

I like the MIT Open Coursewear because it satisfies my inner math nerd. Look for “most popular courses” and dig through some of the very best lessons on everything from algebra to AI to microeconomics and beyond. You could spend a lifetime on this site alone.

3) Do Something Good

If you’re feeling like giving back but feel helpless, there are many ways to be charitable from home. All it takes is an internet connection to make a difference.

Offer encouragement and education to children around the world or proofread an E Book or help the study of humanity and all its biases. It may seem that true charity can only be done in person, but the truth of it is that there are scores of ways to change peoples’ lives for the better just by being online.

4) Write Something

You don’t have to be working on a 1,000 page masterpiece, or a 1 page short story, to justify your time writing. Why not write about a hobby, or a niche interest, or something that’s been digging into your brain?

Everyone has something to say. Why not explore your authorial voice and say it? Who knows, it might end up changing someone’s life.

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