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How much is $100,000 worth to you?

That may feel like a redundant question. On paper, $100,000 is worth $100,000. But with Try2BFunded, one of the premier prop traders in the world, $100,000 can cost you only $300 a month.

The question changes, then. It’s no longer “how much is $100,000 worth to you?” It becomes “what can you do with $100,000?” That’s the answer every trader who signs up for Try2BFunded must find out for themselves.

The premise is quite simple. By qualifying through three stages which prove you can trade with the best—or learn how to trade with the best—nearly any at home trader can get access to $100,000 for the aforementioned fee. That’s $100K to build a portfolio that will change your life forever. Every two weeks, you take home the lion’s share of the profits, deposited directly to a bank account of your choice.

The savviest traders will look at that $100,000 and see endless potential. The $300 fee is an investment in investing, allowing you to put into action strategies and take risks which you might never for fear of damaging your nest egg. If your strategy doesn’t work, it’s no worries. You’ll never have to pay Try2BFunded back. Your account will be frozen and you’ll have the opportunity to start again.

When asked the question “how much is $100,000 worth to you?” the answer depends on you. How much can you make with $100,000? The sky is the limit.

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