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Try2BFunded Rules important update

Dear traders,

Please note that we will introduce the following two rules to the Try2BFunded program that will come into effect on Aprli 7th, 2021.

1. We will introduce the maximum position size. This will be 15% of account size. For example, if you trade at $100K account, then the maximum allowable position size is no more than $15K.

The system will send three warnings to traders who neglect this rule. A trader will have 30 minutes to decrease the position down to acceptable position size. If a trader ignores the warning and keeps the position with a size greater than permitted, the trader will fail and will lose the account.

This rule is applicable to the qualified stage II – classical version and to the account at the funded stage.

We are introducing this rule because many of the participants in the Try2BFunded program continue to trade without applying any risk control, such as not setting protective stop-loss orders and opening one or two positions using the total account buying power.

Try2BFunded is a program that is ideal for professional traders who trade profitably with risk control. These include traders who treat trading as a professional activity by respecting the market and not placing everything on red or black. We are not looking for casino players; instead, we are looking for traders with whom we can keep long-term relationships on the funded account. All traders who trade profitably on the funded account receive our following benefits:

· An increased funded account size — the size is negotiable

· No subscription payments

· Better proportion of profit going to a trader’s bank account

2. Any traders who use a payment card issued with a name other than on his own will not be considered for the funded account request. We will not grant you the funded account if you have passed all qualified stages but have paid for the service using someone else’ card.

Kind regards,

Try2BFunded Team

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